Maker Tour

our original Akihabara tour was filmed all the way back in 2010. So, below we have created a new tour map, updated with many sites around Akihabara, but expanding out to all around Japan. This map covers shops of interest to makers, hackers and geek travelers.

It also will include some of our other favorites, such as restaurants and "must see" tourism sites. But will mostly avoid the figure collecting, manga and maid cafes which have taken over Akihabara.

Shops for which we have original or new videos will have the youtube link in their descriptions.

Other great maps

Toshi's Kamakura Hiking Map

Tokyo Beer Drinker Map  (Tokyo Beer Drinker)

Tokyo Craft Beer Map (Taiheiyogan)

Tokyo Map Japan (unknown source) : HUGE collection of everything from hotels, embassies, museums & parks, Temples & shrines, stations & airports, universities, and a few interesting side streets.

Tokyo Live Houses (TokyoGigGuide) : "Live house" is the term for a bar or club which has a performance stage and can be rented out for your event.  Most live houses are set up with stage and audience area, while others only have a DJ booth and floor. Some have more than one room, with a stage area and a DJ/chill/lounge area.

If you have found a place that you think would be of interest to makers, hackers, crafters, and geek tourists, please use the form below to inform us. We will review and add your spot to our map.