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 +Sensor-based interactive art... That's a tall order. I don't have any
 +real recommendations for it. "​Chiyoda Arts 3331"
 +(http://​​en/​) next to Akihabara is not very interactive but
 +quite artsy.
 +Apart from Akihabara, I definitely recommend spending a day in Odaiba,
 +a tourist spot located on a reclaimed-land island in Tokyo Bay.
 +There'​s a lot to do there:
 +* the Miraikan museum has some good science
 +* the Panasonic showroom used to have a "house of the future."​ Might still.
 +* the full-size Gundam and G-Front
 +* on the interactive side, the Venus Fort shopping mall has a "​real-time"​ lit ceiling
 +* the ferris wheel and the Fuji TV observatory are OK
 +One neat way to get to Odaiba is to take the Water Bus after spending
 +the morning touring the old temple at Asakusa. If you're lucky (well,
 +lucky if you like anime) you might get the "​Himiko"​.
 +For weekend spots I recommend being prepared for Sunday, which is when
 +school is out and places will be crowded. If you like fashion or
 +people-watching,​ the cool places to go would be:
 +* Harajuku / Yoyogi Park where you can see cosplayers and rockabilly
 +* Shibuya for young fashion
 +* Akihabara (traffic on the central Chuo-doori street is closed to cars on Sunday)
 +Other artsy places:
 +* the Mori Arts Center in the Roppongi Hills complex (which is close to the Roppongi nightlife spot but not too interesting otherwise)
 +* 21_21 Design Sight at Tokyo Midtown (also near Roppongi)
 +You might (depending on your battery life/wifi) also want to spend
 +some time with the recommendations from reddit:
 +Also: try the yakiniku and yakitori. Unless you're vegetarian.
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