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October 2013

Visitors from Europe interviewed us for SPIEGLE

June 2013

2013/06/24 Featured space of the day on Adafruit's Hackerspace Spotlight

December 2012

2012/12/26 MRE's picture and Arduino Night featured in part of NHK Publishing's Japanese edition of "Makers."

2012/12/05 Maker Faire Tokyo 2012 mentions us here

September 2012

2012/9/10 THS named as a tech place to visit at go overseas

July 2012

THS Geiger Counters are mentioned in a study at P2P Foundation. The study coins the amusing “Safecats project.”

May 2012

2012/5/1 Usmar's project covered on hackaday

December 2011

2011/12/10 Ian visits Akihabara after MTM07, reports to hackaday

November 2011

2011/11/1 Akiba doing DMX at hackaday

October 2011

2011/08/06 John Baichtal's book "Hack This! 24 Incredible hackerspace projects from the DIY movement" is published. The book features hackerspaces from around the world, their major projects, and demonstrates several different hacks. THS is a featured space.

August 2011

2011/08/09 Safecast Geiger counter update on MAKE blog

May 2011

2011/05/20 “Tokyo Hacker Space gets the data” on Majirox News details the first three months of Safecast/THS cooperation and activities not long after the quake.

April 2011

2011/4/7 Journalist Shinsan Nameko interviews Lauren for Cyzo Magazine.

March 2011

2011/3/29 THS interviewed in Make Magazine's Hackerspace Happenings.

2011/3/23 Geiger counters at hackaday

2011/3/16 THS at hackaday with Kimono lanterns

December 2010

2010/12/29 Akiba shows wireless at hackaday

September 2010

2010/09/26 Akihabara tour again on Engadget

2010/09/25 Akihabara tour at hackaday

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