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**This is an old revision of the document!**

This page represents the work of the Tokyo Hackerspace Wiki Ver 1 that was poorly maintained. For historical data we have placed it here, and will slowly migrate its contents for better formatting.


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THS Projects and Events




Through the years, a lot of people have made donations to help support the space. Unfortunately, we can not acknowledge them all.

The following sponsors have helped support major events, public fund-raisers and other actions by Tokyo HackerSpace. This page serves as a permanent, public “Thank You!” to all you. 3D Printer (January, 2015)

Hakushon:Summer Fun (June, 2014) Indiegogo campaign (May, 2014) $300 Hanko makes you official: hxxfoundation $150 Akihabara Tour: Sachiko $150 MEGA hacker grab bag: Shingo, Jeffrey $150 Three (3) Months Prestige: sgmakers, silke $75 Hacker grab bag: macfreak109, Robert, Howard, John, manufacturingstories $65 Sunny Day: Vicarious, thenetimp $50 Super Badge: jonathan $50 Honorary Membership: daniel, fakufaku $25 Funky Japan: Ben, kenjirooishi $10 Etch bonus: Matt, tatsuya, kato $10 Badges?!: Robert, KREIE $10 We dont need no badges: miki, randy, hackerspace-bamberg, burlingk $5 Global hugs: silsha, hatak0509, Various Donations: mr.ed, romedius MakerCamp (April, 2014)

  1. TokyoMakerCamp

Hakushun Summer Fun (June 28, 2014)

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