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-=== Replacing the board with a GRBL shield (gShield) === 
-A gShield (formerly known has GRBL shield) has been bought in the hope that it can replace the current board. I (Yves) made some promising tests: it has no problem driving the steppers. The laser control is accessible through the power connector. I tagged "​LD",​ for Laser Drive, on the wire that fires up the laser. It seems to be pushed up to 5V so this means that the laser fires when you force the signal to 0V. The only missing thing I got stuck on was that the Y axis has an optical sensor to detect when it reaches zero. In order to use it, we have to connect to the flat ribbon cable and I could not find a connector for that. I an pretty condfident that the gShield will be able to handle this signal. 
-On the software side, I did my tests using the universal g-code sender, recommended by ShapeOko (https://​​winder/​Universal-G-Code-Sender/​downloads). You will have to change the serial port speed to 115200 bauds in its settings. It then works like a charm. 
 = Hardware Documentation = = Hardware Documentation =
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