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 +== Introduction ==
 +The THS Kit Vending Machine is a project headed by Lauren Shannon, to convert her old cigarette machine to dispense kits and projects.
 +== Limitations ==
 +* The vending machine is limited to 990 yen per item, in increments of 10 yen. It does not include a bill acceptor.
 +* Items must fit within the size limitations of a cigarette box. Dims are 55mm x 86mm x 23mm
 +* Small or loose items should be packed within a pouch or ziplock bag within the box
 +== Resources ==
 +=== Patterns ===
 +[[File:​Cig_box_pattern_logo.pdf]] - Origami box for the kits. Includes lots of THS imagery.
 +=== Box cutting and printing ===
 +* http://​
 +* http://​​
 +* http://​​store/​product/​custom-made-plastic-folding-box/​616465_699349402.html
 +* http://​​cardboardboxes.htm
 +* Specifically has cigarette packaging, WITH quotes! http://​​cigarettepackaging.htm
 +=== ideas ===
 +* http://​​
 +== The Plan ==
 +Project requires two groups: One group needs to think of projects, kits and other items (can be DIY art, parts grab bags, or completed items). The other group needs to redress the machine itself.
 +=== Projects group ===
 +* Brainstorm items for boxes
 +* Acquire supplies, kits, etc (at least 10-20 per slot. We have 5 slots)
 +* Get boxing
 +* Pack boxes
 +=== Dress up group ===
 +* Measure dims of all major front and side pieces of the machine
 +* Do up some artwork to choose from
 +* Select the best (or a group of the best, and choose one to try first)
 +* Acquire paint and supplies
 +* paint it up
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