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The THS Kit Vending Machine is a project headed by Lauren Shannon, to convert her old cigarette machine to dispense kits and projects.


  • The vending machine is limited to 990 yen per item, in increments of 10 yen. It does not include a bill acceptor.
  • Items must fit within the size limitations of a cigarette box. Dims are 55mm x 86mm x 23mm
  • Small or loose items should be packed within a pouch or ziplock bag within the box




- Origami box for the kits. Includes lots of THS imagery.

Box cutting and printing


The Plan

Project requires two groups: One group needs to think of projects, kits and other items (can be DIY art, parts grab bags, or completed items). The other group needs to redress the machine itself.

Projects group

  • Brainstorm items for boxes
  • Acquire supplies, kits, etc (at least 10-20 per slot. We have 5 slots)
  • Get boxing
  • Pack boxes

Dress up group

  • Measure dims of all major front and side pieces of the machine
  • Do up some artwork to choose from
  • Select the best (or a group of the best, and choose one to try first)
  • Acquire paint and supplies
  • paint it up
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