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Want to learn something? Think someone in THS can teach you?

Maybe they can teach everyone!

Please feel free to write what you want to learn. Sign by writing three tilde (~) characters. RichardFrankum

I want to learn...

  • How to read Windows admin logs – RichardFrankum
  • Why root your Android phone? – RichardFrankum
  • Productivity: Pomodoro, GTD, what works for you? – RichardFrankum
  • Getting funky with the Linux File System - pushing data from 'here' to 'there'MRE
  • C for not absolute beginners MRE
  • Wifi in a nutshell MRE (Me too! RichardFrankum)(Me too! Mikele)
  • What would I do without Visual Basic?! Writing desktop apps that don't suck. MRE
  • Java: From “no thank you I am not thirsty.” to “oh snap! When I click this thing, stuff happens.” MRE
  • How not to get a job. The ins and outs of starting your own business. MRE
  • How to play at least ONE song on guitar MRE
  • Let's play master and servant. How to code a simple client/server application MRE

Let's do this!

  • Basic introduction to Linux CLI MRE Class here
  • Android do my bidding. Set up the IDE and code environment, and get a simple hello world Android app up and running. MRE Workshop here

Does the hackerspace have?

  • A list of things we've been asked
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