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 +From time to time, Tokyo HackerSpace shows movies and documentaries that may be relevant to the hacker culture, activism, and life in Japan.
 +==What we have screened==
 +* The Cove
 +* Rally to Restore Humanity
 +* Hackers
 +* Hackers 2: The take-down of Kevin Mitnik
 +==List of potential screenings==
 +* Tank on the Moon - The story of the Russian moon rovers named Lunokhod
 +* DEFCON The Documentary
 +* BBC Horizon: Whats killing our bees
 +* Bsky: MOOG. The man behind the Synthesizer
 +* ABC: What the Future Sounded Like - history of electronic music
 +* The Ascent of Money - 6 part series documenting the history of currency
 +* BBC: Precision. The Measure of all things -  3 part series
 +* The Secret Life of: Rubbish - 2 part series about trash, how we deal with it, and what recycling actually means
 +* The Secret life of: The Sun
 +* BBS. The Documentary - 8 part series about the very first BBSs through to the dawn of the internet
 +* Chasing Ice - science photographer'​s struggle to capture glacial change as evidence of global warming
 +* The world according to Monsanto
 +* Micro Men - docu-drama about the BBC1, Acorn computer, and Sinclair
 +* BBC Electric Dreams - 3 part series where a British family home is time warped from 1970s to 90s, exploring tech and gadgets of the time
 +* Pirates of Silicon Valley - History of Apple and Microsoft.
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